Here are the details about our data.

What's inside

This database contains information from a number of studies of the effects of different types of land-cover change on streamflow. catchmentExperiments is made up of 4 primary tables: catchmentSites, experimentalCatchments, controlCatchments, and referencePapers.

Catchment sites

Each site is made up of multiple catchments, each of which may serve as a unique study. catchmentSites provides basic information about the sites where experiments have taken place, while experimentalCatchment provides detailed information about the specific catchment in which a study was done and the results of the study.

Control and experimental catchments

controlCatchments are the catchments which serve as controls for those in the experimental catchments, while referencePapers provide information about the source of the results. The results of 4 different hydrologic outcomes of interest are included: annual water yield (the total flow out of a watershed in a year), as well as measures of low-flow, peak flow, and groundwater recharge that can vary between sites—these should be comparable across sites on a relative basis despite the difference in the actual measures. Both controlCatchments and experimentalCatchments have foreign keys to catchmentSites to link the catchments to the sites. experimentalCatchments also has a foreign key to controlCatchments. Finally, both catchmentSites and experimentalCatchments have lists of citations that have foreign keys to referencePapers so that each catchment is linked with the source of the information for reliability. Further detail on the fields in each table will be provided later in the text below.

Database is updated

Natcap folks are working on filling the database as we are writing this, so it changes and gets updates all the time.